The Foundations in Priesthood classes are a continuation or Part Two of the Foundations in Christianity Course. This course is designed to train and nurture the advanced believer into their position as Priest unto the Lord. All Christians are a holy Priesthood. The spiritual sacrifices which Christians are to offer are their bodies, souls, affections, prayers, praises, alms, and other duties. This course of study will deal primarily with the New Testament Priest unto which we have been called in parallel with the Old Testament Priest.  We will deal with types and shadows of OT Priest vs. the spiritual application of us as NT Priest.

     Week 1   -  Introduction to Holy Priesthood

     Week 2   -  Conation: the Spark that sets it all off

     Week 3   -  Three major priesthoods in the entire Bible

     Week 4   -  Ways of the Lord

     Week 5   -  Will of the Lord

     Week 6   -  Wisdom of the Lord

     Week 7   -  Word of the Lord

     Week 8   -  Wealth of the Lord

     Week 9   -  Worship of the Lord

     Week 10 -  Review for the Test