Probationary Member

A person who has made the public declaration to join the church but has not fulfilled the requirements as set forth by Light of Joy New Members Class in Full Connection.


Member in Full Connection

A member who has completed the required four New Members classes and

has graduated with their certificate.


What Is the Next Step?

We Offer seveal classes to help you get to the Next level In Christ.

Foundation in Christianity

Classes Every Sunday at 10:00am

Monday's at 7:15pm

Foundations In Priesthood

Classes Monday 7:15 pm

Financial Peace University

Classes Monday 7:15 pm

As a member in full connection here at Word of Faith Light Of Joy, your first responsibility is to partner with us to achieve four goals:

Glorify God

Enrich the individual

Strengthen the family

Transform the community


What does Membership mean?

As a Member we expect you to love and be loved. The motivation for all your actions should be love. We define love as seeking the highest good for others. As a member you are expected to:

Grow in the Spirit Filled Life

Belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Regularly commune with God (pray)

Read and study the Bible

Meditate on the Word of God

Regularly attend worship services

Reflect the glory of God in your lifestyle and attitude

Tithe and give offerings both systematically and cheerfully

Use your spiritual gifts in ministry

Share your faith with others

Respect church doctrine and authority

Live in harmony with one another

Be receptive to pastoral leadership

 What is Your Gift?

What is Your Gift? 

Do you have a passion to work with children?

Do you love Praising God?

Do you have an have a Ear for sound?

Do you have a Heart For God?

Share your gift! Come and join one of our ministries