“I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.” Acts 13:47   


“LOJ Parable Players” (LOJPP) is a Christian-based drama ministry that uses thought provoking performances to cast light on false ideologies which lead people on excursions of frustration, mishap and emptiness. Each story engages its audience in a candid journey that begins with a consuming human conflict and ends with a life altering resolution discovered only in a protagonist’s willingness to align his thoughts to the living word of God. Drama was created by God and is a powerful tool to edify, encourage, comfort and entertain audiences seeking an honest and impactful theatrical experience.


Our mission is to cast light onto the dark perceptions of people’s minds so that the image of Christ might be witnessed in their daily lifestyle. We envision a caravan of God’s revealed truth demonstrated in the existence of saints spreading salt in all four corners of the earth.

Core Value

Honor and Worship Christ with a lifestyle that is in right standing with His word.

Grow daily in Christ through personal bible study.

Be Accountable to another Christian, no man is an island.

Serve others through the constant development and use of your gifts and talents.