"Where dreams & visions are discovered & protected"

Light of Joy Church's Rare Jewel University is implementing our ground-breaking 3-Step System - Discover U, Design U & Dare U! Working closely with you in a coaching setting, the leadership of Rare Jewel University will Empower, Encourage, and Equip YOU to Prosper!

Rare Jewel University is a "life changing" coaching program for young ladies who are transitioning to the women they have been created to be, with a 100% return on investment into their purpose and destiny.

Phase I

Discover U (Discover Your Gifts)

5 Week Tele-classes 

You will receive:

  Weekly Intimate Sessions


  Leadership Training

  Discovery of Your Gifts

  Personal Development

  Lifestyle Change

The weekly sessions of Phase I - Discover U Tele-classes will be as follows: Monday at 6:30 a.m. for 45 minutes. The coaching calls will be very intimate and interactive.

Attendance and participation is crucial for a positive 100% return on your investment. Once enrolled, your commitment must be honored. Upon completion of Phase I, we will prep you for Phase II, Design U! It is time to transform by the

renewing of your mind and transition to your rightful position. Now lets stop dreaming and do it!"

Phase II

Design U (Creating Your Blueprint)

You have dreams, visions, and aspirations. You may already be on your way or you may just be getting started. Either way. you are....

   Great at getting started, but lose the motivation to 


   Stopping short of your goal - allowing dream stealers  

        and nay-sayers (even the ones in your own head) 

        block you.

   Working harder....rather than working smarter.

   Thinking of a special project: turning your passion into         a profit, writing a book, building an existing business.

   Thinking of ways to radically increase your 


   Serious about achieving your goals.

   Feeling passionate about personal and professional 


   Believing in pursuing excellence based on God's

       Success Principles.

  Working on practicing self-control through the

       supernatural power of God at work in your life.

  Needing the motivation to do what is already on your 

       heart! Drafting YOU - Creating Your Blueprint:

Step 1: Clarify your vision.  We will motivate you to dream BIG and go for it.

Step 2: Plan based on your priorities. We will use a simple but powerful prioritization tool to narrow your focus.

Step 3: Create a Measuring System to track your progress. We'll show you how and this tool you can use for the rest of your life. And since this program is about achievement and execution, we will create your blueprint and began building your project (YOU) within a matter of weeks and get you operating in your vision ASAP!

Step 4: Establish Accountability. Successful people take initiative to pursue relationships that empower and push them forward. Our commitment is to walk with you and motivate you step-by-step, until you reach the peak of personal and professional achievement. Our Role: To be your coach, not your friend.

RJU is a no-excuse-style program. You set your own goals, and it is our mission to hold you to the commitments that you make. It is time to get strong and extreme, ladies!

Phase III

Dare U (Receiving Authority to Build)

Dare U is a weekend retreat tailored just for you. During this weekend, you will be given the authority to build your Project - YOU)

This exclusive, powerful, fun-filled weekend will empower, encourage and equip you to realize, reach, and manifest your dream or vision through the highly anticipated "'Ground Breaking*' Ceremony on Friday night. We will be charged with great wonder and expectation as we celebrate the first day of constructing your "Project U" with dignitaries who will give you the authority to build!

Saturday -- we get down to business and Celebrate your achievements! This is one of the greatest management principles in the world: "Behavior that gets rewarded, gets repeated." With your vision binder in tow, we will match you (the designer) up with the right builder from the start of building Project U. Dare U weekend is a very important step about helping you to face significant events, and breakdown tasks into bite-sized pieces. We will make sure you meet, talk, and brainstorm with your specific builder (publishers, ghost writers, designers, etc.) through-out your start-up phase to avoid a breakdown in the processes, or misunderstandings about what should be happening.

Saturday Evening

Final Stages: (a formal affair)

     completion and final inspections for the code                     compliance certificate (Awards Ceremony)

    final walk through (Celebration)

    receive certificate of occupancy - authority to 

         operate business (Graduation)

The building phase will go more smoothly if you establish good communication between everyone involved in Project U\ You will be equipped to go and impact the world by imparting your gifts, fulfilling your personal goals of reaching a place in life where you are valued and joyfully walking in purpose. You now have everything you need to be the 'rare jeweF you have been created to be - No excuses